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Moonflower & Bottling

The moonflower that I have growing up the pergola bloomed this week!

He started opening up right at sunset. Yes, my plants are typically male. I don’t know why, they just are. Anyway, I thought I read somewhere they can open up in under two minutes. Not so much for this guy, he took his time.

First Moon Flower

I noticed a few lady bugs over the vine, always a good sign. We tried to capture the different phases as it slowly opened but was somewhat difficult to do with just the string of lights. Of course, I had to create a GIF. Why not?

Moon Flower GIF

On top of trying to capture and enjoy the first moon flower bloomed, I was busy trying to get this batch of cab bottled. It took about 30 minutes to sanitize all the bottles and the tools needed to siphon the wine out into the bottles.

Once started though, we got 29 bottles filled under an hour. We’re getting better! I’m also impressed we got this much out of the batch, considering the racking and filtering dilemmas we went through.

cab bottled

Now, all we have to do is wait a year and let these babies do their thing! On to the next batch… and staring at moonflowers…

moonflower patio