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Sunday beautyberry love

I hope everyone had a great weekend and a nice, relaxing Sunday. We got to spend some time in Bastrop with my family. I’ve been eager to showoff all of the the American Beautyberry they have on their lot.

bastrop beautyberry
Their property is full of pine needles and soft grounds. It is a completely different landscape than north or south east Austin! Pine needles create a more acidic soil, perfect for roses, vegetables and some flowers… if you can keep the deer and rabbits away, that is.

bastrop beautyberry
These pictures just don’t do these beauties justice.

bastrop beautyberry
There are countless clumps of American Beautyberry everywhere. It’s incredible.

bastrop beautyberry
Having lived in Austin my whole life, I’m entertained at how surprised I am at seeing such a sight.

I’m liking Bastrop more and more with every visit. Have a great week!