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A little catch up with Noir

It’s been a long time since I’ve shared anything here at EarthLUFF, my young, little, Dirt & Wine blog.  I left my corporate job, we got married, spent two weeks in Thailand, and hosted Thanksgiving. That’s the bigger stuff anyway.

Somewhere in between there, we also kicked off 2 wine kits, a red and a white. I also noticed that I didn’t log the Pinot Grigio we made in April. I didn’t take a lot of pictures of either of these 3 wine kits but decided to update the Wine Log.

We only have about a case of the New Year Noir left, which is about half. We’re getting better at aging wine! Kind of. I decided to open a bottle of the New Year Noir to celebrate and to see how it has changed.

december tasting

Recap: We bottled this World Vineyard Vintners Reserve, Pinot Noir, on 1/2/15, making it a month shy of 12 months aged. It has changed a lot.

I put this Noir at the Light and Fruity side, while my husband puts this on the Light and Earthy side of tastes. I think it still has that steel smell to it with a definite hint of berry. It has a light fruit taste, with some light spice that I can’t put my tongue on, and some mineral but not a lot of tannin.

It’s alright! It’s not my favorite but I also am beginning to think I am not a big Pinot Noir fan. I’m hoping we can age this one another year and just let it keep doing it’s thing.

More to come as I catch up! Cheers.


Stranger danger: praying mantis and hummingbirds

While we don’t have as many hummingbirds as we did in the spring, we still have quite a lot. When I went to grab one of the feeders to fill it back up, I found this guy hanging out.


I have seen lizards and finches hang out at the hummingbird feeders but not this guy. I know the Praying Mantis is a beneficial but something made me investigate a little further. I am so glad I did. Use caution before opening up that link, it’s a pretty depressing. If you don’t want to I will tell you what I read… that a praying mantis can and sometimes will attack a hummingbird and then proceed to eat it from the inside out.


I don’t like this guy very much anymore. However, I was able to take the feeder down and scoot him along. However, not too far away… I will have to keep an eye out on the feeders and make sure he doesn’t return!

Can you believe this? I am probably going to have nightmares now. Thank you, dear internet.